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Dynamic Psychology is an emergent scientific discipline in the psychological field since, connecting itself to the traditional psychoanalytic schools, it also integrates them with the modern theoretical and applicative acquisitions, in particular with the experimental psychology, the group-analysis, the transpersonal-world study, the psychology of the Self, the inter-subjectivity, the relation within the family system, the ways of communication and their influences, at last, the various factors that have a remarkable role in the community psychology.

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December 2013
On widespread domand we republish now October-November 2013

also published in October-November 2010
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La strana solitudine dell'uomo d'oggi.pdf
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June 2012
Announcement Event

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February 2012

I am particularly pleased to publish here the interesting and suggestive magisterial lecture by Dr. Rossella Giglio, a very talented Archaeologist and expert Executive for Archaeological Goods of Superintendence for Cultural and Environmental Goods of the Province of Trapani, besides author of numerous essays of great archaeological value. 
The magisterial lecture here published is particularly precious also for our research on what I called the Historical Self (which is related to the cultural matrixes), in fact it proves what we have previously stated, namely that cultures may fade but not to die: «The past keeps a "bearer of light" dimension even in the present time; disappeared cultures can participate, in a very anonymous and at very deep subconscious level, to "design", the "program", the genius of humanity» (Raffaella Anania, Matrici Culturali e Trasformazioni della Comunità, PSICOLOGIA DINAMICA, N. 1-2-3, 2002 ). Myths, symbols, imago do not get lost in time, but they undergo a transformation that is related to the historical and cultural changes of the time «The force  of the symbolic productions, it is easily understandable by all, is not in the adoption of an order of speech or language universally transposed (it would be indeed enigmatic), on the contrary it force is in the impression that it exercises, in the emotion that it arouses. This also because the symbol has an archetypal dimension, "it puts in contact" and connects the historical-cultural courses of humanity, creating a short circuit with the collective unconscious. Unconscious short-circuited network that has value not only on the vertical axis of the history of mankind but also on the horizontal axis between cultures»(q. w., 2002). 
Very illuminating in this sense is the last sentence that ends the Dr. Giglio’s lecture.
January 2012

January 2012

November-December 2011
September-October 2011
Experiential “working in progress” Part September 15-18, 2011
Marsala - Trapani - Motya - Selinunte – Marsala (Italy)

See the complete programme in www.immaginario-simbolico.it
July-August 2011
June 2011
11° Itinerant Seminar “L’IMMAGINARIO SIMBOLICO”©

y of Dynamic Dramatization 

On Footsteps of Dreams
Marsala (Italy ) - Convent of Carmine
May 24-27, 2011 (h. 17,00-20,00)

Alfredo Anania, Luisa Caldarella, 
Gianfranco Manzo, Andrea Scaturro
April-May 2011


The volume contains, in a trilogy, the texts of three plays - written by Alfredo Anania to be represented during the Itinerant Seminars L’IMMAGINARIO SIMBOLICO” (7th, 8th, 9th) - in which are woven past myths, contemporary paradigmatic events and everlasting human events (related to hate, love, death, betrayal, revenge, etc..) that are not only important part of the novelistic tradition of the recent literature but that are also detectable in most mythological creations. Besides, the volume proposes an essay titled Transformations, myth-poiesis and dramatic representation

«The dramatic narration or text (evoking the personal past of the spectator) and the theatrical performance - without “stage-separation” between actors and viewers -, right in the historical place where the story is set - evoking the historical past and the tragic events deposited inside the archetypal collective unconscious, allows “in a highly narrow way” the activation of the  imaginal world and a time machine effect that, so short-circuiting the historical collective unconscious with the contemporary collective unconscious, produce a sense of “a gathered community” that - “catharsised” through the unconscious projection of own anxieties in the events and in the characters suggested by the dramatic fiction - can open to hope and, therefore, can allow to fantasize a “new possible world”, a less tragic future of mankind, a less distressing morrow” (A. Anania, 8th Itinerant Seminar L’IMMAGINARIO SIMBOLICO”, 2008).

in www.psicologia-dinamica.it 

16 th World Congress of the World Association for Dynamic Psychiatry WADP inc. Bern
XXIX th International Symposium of the German Academy for Psychoanalysis (DAP) e.V.

The Interpersonal Dynamics of Identity
Research, Pathology and Treatment

March 21st – 25th, 2011, Munich, Germany, Psychiatric Clinic of Ludwig-Maximilians-University
Munich Declaration WADP 16th World Congress  

The scientists assembled at the 16th World Congress for Dynamic Psychiatry in Munich occupy themselves with the health problems of the world population. Epidemiologists preview that within the next 10 years depression will become the leading disorder in medicine. 
In our societies we encounter an increasing extent of anxiety, aggression, resignation and helplessness. The tragic events in Japan make us aware that as a consequence of reoccurring catastrophes of nature anxieties of humans reached already a reasonably high degree. Therefore we should do everything to prevent avoidable further disasters created by humans.
However, not only catastrophes by nature but also social catastrophes can cause severe psychic disturbances.
Therefore we would like to appeal on all responsible persons to evaluate the possible psychological and existential consequences concerning their fellow citizens before taking major political decisions. Feelings of inner and outer security of the population should be strengthened to prevent violence potentially developing through existential anxiety. 

Therefore we rely on interpersonal, social and political solidarity.

President WADP                               President DAP

Prof. N. Neznanov                             Dr. M. Ammon 
(St. Petersburg)                                 (Berlin Munich),

                                                                                   Munich, 25th March 2011

March 2011 War Times
The current international tensions and conflicts push  us to re-publish two our previous readings: The General and the Maiden Notes on psycho-anthropological analysis of war
(whole May-August 2010)

February 2011 The Rose

After our a little humorous and perhaps subtly provocative Woman 2010 taken from some face-book users, I am pleased to publish a kind of response by a female that is very sensitive and complex (so as the post-modernity entails), scheming in stimulating the discovery of the mysterious interior world that animates it, secretly passionate and yet full of grace, and also incredibly delicate as only the rose petals can metaphorically evoke. The dreaming-fable by Antonella Bianco speaks of a woman who is still able to dream, and that, through the creativity of dance and movement together, in her professional activity, is also capable of making dream the others.      
Alfredo Anania Editor of Dynamic Psychology

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